My name is Wilson and i was born 1990 in small town in north of Canada called Ontario. Being out in the nature was something i learned to do in my young ages, and i always miss walking around at the Polar Bear Provincial Park.

Since I always had close to nature there has also been a lot of ski slopes to practice one, my father gave me my first down hill skis when i was 5 years old, so i guess my passion for skiyng has always bin there. However i wasn’t always sure about choosing skis since i played college hockey also, but when the day came and i had to choose it was an easy decision.

Because¬†the training takes a large time of my life i prefer to hang out with my family as much as possible on my spear time, things i like to do is hunting, cook food or just take a long nice walk with our newest family member Zlatan who is a Doberman. I also would like to thank my wife Sara for always being there for me, it can’t always be ease to have a husband that traveling a lot and she truly is the women in my life!